A few examples of text only paintings. They are often based on found truisms or contradictory sentences or words with double meaning (there is no time means time is scarce as well as time doesn’t exist), and involve color contrast as a “thing in itself”. So the text is a vehicle for the color and vice versa.

no time, 2004, 70 x 200 cm, oil on canvas
nothing is good for you, 2010, 80 x 155 cm, acrylic on canvas

Still, 2006, 80 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas

still, 2022, 50 x 68 cm, acrylic on paper

you are love, 2015, 50 x 68 cm, aycrylic on paper

Equal to you, 2008, 50 x 180 cm, acrylic on paper

transient, 2004, ca 60 x 350 cm, cement on white wall